Join us on our 50 day journey to physical, mental, emotional and nutritional fitness!  Tag Fittyin50 or use our hashtag to share your fitty (or not so fitty!) moments and we’ll share your story here!  Follow us to see how we’re #gettinfittywitit and check in here for events in your area as well as articles on how to get fit in your own way!

A Message from Wendy

Welcome to Fittyin50!

Connection and a sense of belonging are NECESSARY for a happy and healthy life. Let’s get connected with one another. Let’s watch one another commit to ourselves the next 50 days and see how we can engage with one another and spread the message. We want to see you, your friends ,and your friends’ friends faces on social media.

Here’s how it works:
1)Share your Fitty photos

Tag your friends

Tag Fittyin50 and 
use our hashtag #gettinfittywitit

4)Watch the happiness spread!

I started my commitment before yout 50 day timeline but have continued on my healthy eating plan since you announced it! So far I have lost 20 pounds. Five more to go. I can do this!

Beth Stensrud

1. Work out, aerobically, at least 6 days of every week and for a minimum of 35-45 minutes.
2. Get back to eating more in sync with the Weight Watcher program that has helped me lose 40 pounds. I’m currently hovering between 35-40 pounds.

I’ve been successful in meeting my exercise goals, even throughout a pretty heavy travel schedule over the summer and am committed to doing so during more travel on the books for the Fall.

Paul Decker

I commit to working out 4x per week. I will wake up with a smile, thankfulness, and commit to continue to live in the now.

Ann-Elizabeth Tyler

To work out five days a week, eat clean and drink my water!


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