Thinking Fitty

Focusing on your fitness ain’t always easy!  That’s why we’re going to be giving tips on how to work in a workout, and other healthy choices you can make without giving up your entire life.

Stress and Sleep

If you’ve ever lied awake at night to stare at your ceiling while thinking about the mountain of stressful things in your life, then congratulations, you’re officially adulting. Stress and sleep are strongly correlated; working in synchronous they create a cycle which...

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Working in a Workout

It’s only noon and already you’ve had 4 meetings, and responded to 30 plus emails. We’ve all been there. You can’t afford not to work out, yet you can’t find the time to work out. The paradoxical cloud of doom lingering above all of our heads. This is the most common...

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Diets: Do’s & Don’ts to Help you Stay the Course

You’ve taken the first step toward putting your health back into your own hands, you’ve decided to diet. As you almost skip through the grocery aisles radiating with positivity and hope for the future, your cart begins to fill with fruits and veggies that will help...

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What is Fittyin50?

It all started when everyone close to me started asking me what I wanted for my 50th birthday. It is not a trip, it is not a bag and it is not even fancy sunglasses! What I really want is for YOU, the people that take up space in my head, my heart and my world live in...

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