Make the Commitment


Join us on our 50 day journey to physical, mental, emotional and nutritional fitness! Make the fifty-day commitment to be fit and we will send you a #gettinfittywitit armband.  See your commitment posted on our website and watch the movement grow!

I started my commitment before yout 50 day timeline but have continued on my healthy eating plan since you announced it! So far I have lost 20 pounds. Five more to go. I can do this!

Beth Stensrud

1. Work out, aerobically, at least 6 days of every week and for a minimum of 35-45 minutes. 2. Get back to eating more in sync with the Weight Watcher program that has helped me lose 40 pounds. I'm currently hovering between 35-40 pounds. I've been successful in meeting my exercise goals, even throughout a pretty heavy travel schedule over the summer and am committed to doing so during more travel on the books for the Fall.

Paul Decker

I commit to working out 4x per week. I will wake up with a smile, thankfulness, and commit to continue to live in the now.

Ann-Elizabeth Tyler

To work out five days a week, eat clean and drink my water!


To practice yoga at least 3 X per week, a workout with weights 2 X per week -- and -- make time for (the dreaded) cardio at least 2 X per week. Maybe I'll wear my tiniest bikini next summer!

Lee Romano Sequeira

I commit to training 5x a week, continue practicing daily gratitude and meditation, and only consuming foods that make me feel strong and energized!

Joanna Ruvolo

Hi Wendy! I’m committing to working out 5 days a week and eating less junk.

Ian Gadson

I recommitted to 6 am yoga at least 2x a week and not drinking alcohol during the week. It was hard to get back to an early morning routine, but I feel much better– not to mention I realized how tight my body was from not stretching. As I've gotten older I realized how important yoga is in my life. I've also used wise words from my best friend 😉 and started to "read the email differently" ... having a new perspective that's open and expansive, rather than expecting something to be confined and negative/closed off. I find myself observing the "pause" that using this new technique has given me and I actually see that I used my old perspective more than I realized, especially since I say I live a spirit-based open life. Hoping "reading the email differently" becomes my new way of being. Happy birthday to a woman who inspires me and is the most supportive and giving person in my life. I love you and I am proud of you and all that you achieve and do to become a better human. xo


I commit to eat healthier to create a better energy drive and clear way of thinking for the next 50!!!

Mike Fornadel

I commit to being committed and staying AWAKE.


I commit to riding to utilizing my new bike share monthly pass at least 4 times a week and enjoying the fresh autumn air!

Katie Carver

II commit to being grateful each morning I wake up and to being physically active 4/week. Love this and love you!

Suzanne Paoletti

While teaching group fitness classes I have encouraged students to lead a healthy life style and include family and friends! Have also concentrated on "Me" time and family time over work! Thanks Wendy! PS- made some changes to my life style and bad habits... I have a few 😂

Scott Waltz

I commit to not only working out 5 days a week and eating right, but to also making someone new smile each day #GettinFittyWitIt

Robbie Verna

My commitment is to be a healthier version of me, mind, body and spirit. To eat cleaner and exercise more but by doing the things that bring me joy. Detox out the bad and fill up on good!

Jaime Picozzi

25 miles a week and Huel diet for 50!

Adam Travetti

I commit to working out 4 times per week and taking moments throughout my day to feel gratitude.


I commit to working out at lease 4 times a week and to make sure I keep a positive attitude towards others and myself. ❤️ Happy Birthday Momma!!

Sophia Verna

I have committed to myself and the people around me. I have taken these days leading up to my birthday to replace the words "I can't" to "I choose not to". That behavioral change has made me pause when someone asks to share time with me. Just that small change has enabled me to see more of my friends and family and break out of my everyday box to view my world differently. Try it... every time you go to use the words "I can't" replace them with "I choose not to".

Wendy Verna

I commit to making every day a positive experience for myself and those around me. I commit to making every hour of my day being productive and brining me one step closer to living my best life. I commit to being the example of what having a fit mindset can do.

Janet Tirado

I commit to making the time to workout four times a week. I also commit to complete 5k in honor of Wendy's initiative.

Cindi Sutera