It all started when everyone close to me started asking me what I wanted for my 50th birthday. It is not a trip, it is not a bag and it is not even fancy sunglasses!

What I really want is for YOU, the people that take up space in my head, my heart and my world live in “Happy”.  I want us to spread happy and healthy by loving exactly where you are. And if you’re not… I am asking you to take a step in the next 50 days to make that change.

With digital marketing we are being fed content customized just for us! This was sent to me a couple weeks ago…It was found that as you get older, keeping strong social ties keeps you alive longer. Connection and a sense of belonging are NECESSARY for a happy and healthy life. Let’s take this to social and get connected with one another. Let’s watch one another commit to ourselves the next 50 days. Lets see how we can engage with one another and spread the 50 days to commit message. I want to see your faces on our social media feeds!

Turning 50 is BIG, and we all know what it means. I don’t want to live my last half restricted to the indoors, a chair or even worse a bed. I want to live the last half just as fully as I did the first, and with all of you.

Join me in my 50 day challenge to make this the most memorable birthday yet, and lets hit a yoga class or grab a juice together. Stay connected with our social accounts to learn about events in the community that will keep you in shape and help you add some spice to your life! We’ll be keeping you all connected to the best beer/yoga gardens in the area. Remember to use the hashtag #gettinfittywitit so we can follow your story, and share it with our friends!

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