It’s only noon and already you’ve had 4 meetings, and responded to 30 plus emails. We’ve all been there. You can’t afford not to work out, yet you can’t find the time to work out. The paradoxical cloud of doom lingering above all of our heads. This is the most common issue reported by working people.

Fortunately, we have found a way that can enable everyone to find the time to work out. No, we don’t have that magical watch from Harry Potter that can stop time. What we do have though is the secret to fitting in a workout no matter how busy your schedule is.

It all starts with changing your perception of fitness. Rather than telling you there’s no excuse, we understand that actually there are multiple excuses and they come in numerous forms ranging from work to family. In reality, there is nothing more important than spending time with loved ones and being present in the lives of those who you surround yourself with. That is why we would never tell you to cut those activities out of your life to fit in a jog, and no one ever should.

Instead, let’s take a peek through the looking glass to gain a broader perspective of fitness. Everyday opportunities to be fit pop into your life and it’s your job to take ’em where you can get ’em. Skip the escalator line and hit the stairs, take your coffee with a walk rather than cream, literally run your errands, leave traffic behind and take the bike lane during your daily commute to work.

Stop hating your workout and start loving it, by actually doing something you love! Go on a jog around the city, hit a yoga class in the park, start cycling around the river, catch a volleyball game on the sand. There’s plenty of amazing and fun ways to stay active while enjoying the short Philly summer, so get out of the gym and get into those parks your paying for! If you’re not sure what you love, but know what you hate…. Perfect! Now use that opportunity to discover what you do enjoy.

Always do something rather than nothing. There’s no better time to bust out 30 squats then during a TV commercial break. Even if you only have time for a couple push-ups and crunches during your lunch hour, take them! Doing small interval workouts is a great way to stay active even when you’re swamped with work and family obligations. Another great way to work your muscles with less distress is practice good posture throughout the day. The goal here is to spend less time sitting and more time doing. Studies by the Mayo Clinic found that individuals who sit for extended periods of time are threatened with the same health risks as those who suffer from obesity or smoke regularly.

If you’re still claiming to have no time, wait, don’t go just yet! Just like every as seen on tv product commercial you apparently need to sit through, we’ve got one last offer of advice to really sweeten the deal. Keep a journal for a couple days and log all your activities. Look back at this journal to help you identify what consumes most of your time, and how you can make your day more efficient by avoiding those time-wasting activities.

Staying healthy isn’t easy, but it is possible, and it will make you feel wonderful about yourself. Other tips we have include working out in the morning, that way the gym won’t close on you before you get out of the office. We also suggest scheduling your workout into your day as you would a high priority meeting.